These images represent the birth of this body of work, as well as the revelation of its purpose. The portraits of Syrians living as refugees in Lebanon mark the beginning, while the portraits of girls in rural India motivate its continuation. Presently these images support four sewing centers and two schools for girls in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, serving both the Hindu and Muslim communities. The teachers of these schools were once students themselves in the same schools when the photography began.

The Syrian girls in these images are the daughters of the girls photographed over 20 years ago, and the men in charge of these camps were the boys running around the camera. Life is severe for this community, even more so in the midst of the worst, policital crisis in a generation. Their presence in Lebanon, once tolerated for the sake of a cheap workforce, is now in peril. With their home country devastated, they endure the extreme circumstances for the sake of their families. In this community, choice is a luxury very few possess.